Q & Away: Putting our visiting supporters on the spot

Introducing our new segment spotlighting our away supporters! We alway have a number of visiting Gooners that make the pilgrimage to the Globe Pub to watch Arsenal with us. Many of them have been here before and for others it's their first time, but it's always memorable. Check out this space regularly to find out the Arsenal story of our traveling Gooners...some of whom like it here so much that they decided to stay.

Malört may also be involved.



Name: Derek N.

Age: 35

Hometown: Chicago

How I came to love The Arsenal: My Great Grandad maintained a Stewardship @ Highbury in the early ‘60s; bringing his Grandson along to bear witness from Highbury’s NorthEnd. My Father’s commitment survived his move across the pond, and my siblings and I eventually joined him in support of our club.

Favorite Arsenal Moment: Arsenal v. Barcelona | Wednesday, 17 May 2006 | Stade de France, Saint-Denis, Paris | The Gunners make their very first appearance and became the first London club to feature in a Champions League final. 76’.

Top hobbies: Talking, Stonemasonry*, and Marksmanship*.

Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: Supporting the greatest club of all time; Having a great local to watch matches; Doing it all from the greatest city in the lower 48.

*May not be entirely true.



Name: Jim Z.

Age: 22

Hometown: Chicago

How I came to love The Arsenal: I was in Dublin with family in February 2003 and watched Arsenal win a FA Cup match at Old Trafford 2-0 over United. Ever since then I’ve been emotionally attached.

Favorite Arsenal Moment: Jens Lehmann’s penalty save against Villarreal in the 2006 Champions League semifinal or Aaron Ramsey’s extra-time goal vs. Hull in the 2014 FA Cup final ... I can’t decide.

Top hobbies: Playing soccer, reading, and traveling as much as possible.

Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: Being able to share frustration and happiness with a great group of people ... and Malört!



Name: Cale Tennison

Age: 41

Hometown: New Orleans via Huntsville, AL (I lived equally in both but generally claim NOLA)

How I came to love The Arsenal: Since many US soccer fans (like myself) have no strong connection to England or any of its clubs, people often come up with arbitrary reasons to follow a club like where it’s located, or its colors, or because they might as well follow United because that’s the only club they know (these people are probably also Yankees fans that live in Arkansas). I found myself attracted to Arsenal because of the traditions of the club, the fact that at the time they had a collective ownership without a majority owner which I saw as a reflection of the Victoria Concordia Crescit motto, and most importantly because of the exciting style of play. And also because the NOLA Gooners—not yet Krewe of Arsenal—were the most fun; if I’m gonna spend two hours a weekend watching a sport, it might as well be exciting and fun.

Favorite Arsenal Moment: Though there are so many moments (Barcelona 2011, the FA Cup Finals, the 5-2 NLD, my first visit to the Emirates), the 5-3 win over Chelsea in 2011 remains the moment I recall the most fondly. It had all the trappings of a classic Arsenal match—goals galore, questionable defending, and the bonus of John Terry falling over. It was in the dog pile at the pub when the 5th goal went in to seal the victory that I knew this was my club for life.

Top hobbies: Running, cooking, and the search for the best beer in Chicago—or anywhere, for that matter.

Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: Dili. :) Also, the hospitality we give all who come to watch a match at the Globe. The word-of-mouth has made us famous the world over, even after they’ve shot the Malört. 

January Supporter of the Month: Chris C.


Name: Chris C.
Age: 31
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Favorite Arsenal Moment: 2014 FA Cup
How I Came to Love Arsenal: I had international roommates in college that got me into watching the EPL in 2008/2009. Arsenal and Cesc Fabregas caught my eye. I then found out my childhood friend was an Arsenal supporter and that's how I ended up here!
Top 3 Hobbies: Watching/playing sports, going to metal shows, and hanging out with friends.
Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: I like the Chicago Gooners because they are a fun-loving, welcoming, and diverse group!

Supporter of the Month: Lauren


Name: Lauren Lassus
Age: 30
Hometown: Temple, TX
Favorite Arsenal Moment: The 2014 FA Cup final.
How I Came to Love Arsenal: My older brother got me hooked when we were kids.
Hobbies: Archery, collecting comics, food/drink
Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: Knowing there are always wonderful people getting together to watch the greatest football club play drink no matter how early the game is (and no one judges when drinking that early either.)!

Supporter of the Month: Scott


Name: Scott K.
Age: 45
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Favorite Arsenal Moment: Welbeck against Leicester. A moment that no other sport can deliver. One ball to either keep title hopes alive or watch them slip away. Exhibit A for the fleeting glory of the beautiful game. 
How I came to love Arsenal:  After a friend introduced me to mornings at the Globe Pub in 2008, I quickly developed an affinity for the Premiership game. However, as a sports fan, after a couple of years I found that I really needed to care who wins in order to get the full experience. So I cast about for a couple of years, rooting for teams that had Americans - as good a reason as any, right? But it was the lovable band of misfits called the Chicago Gooners that finally pulled me in. Now... Arsenal 'til I die.
Top 3 Hobbies:  Reading/writing, politics & sport.
Favorite Thing About The Chicago Gooners: Our diversity. Whatever your walk of life, you're at home here. The Arsenal binds us together, but beyond that... be yourself. That's a rare and special thing, and I'm proud to be part of a group that truly lives so inclusively. What the Chicago Gooners mean to each other transcends sport.

Supporter of the Month: Paul


Name Paul Z.
Age: 51
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Favorite Player: This seems to change annually.  For now, it's Aaron Ramsey.
Favorite Arsenal Moment: 2015 FA Cup Final, Arsenal 4 - Villa 0
How You Came to Love Arsenal: I started out watching the Premier League by hating Chelsea (because you should hate Chelsea). But I had to find my own team. When I saw Jack Wilshere's goal against Norwich in 2013, I knew that Arsenal was the team for me. When Arsenal are on their game, they're wonderful to behold.
Top 3 Hobbies: Baseball, concerts, working out.
Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: The Globe Pub. It's the best bar in Chicago.

Supporter of the Month: Dylan

image1 (1).PNG

Name: Dylan VB
Age: 45
Hometown: Lewisham, London, innit guv?!
Favorite Player: Ian Wright
Favorite Arsenal Moment: May 26th, 1989 at Anfield
How You Came to Love Arsenal: It's in my blood!  My family have supported Arsenal since they were in Woolwich which is just down the road from Lewisham!
Top 3 Hobbies: Perving.  Arsenal.  Comics.
Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: The love!

Supporter of the Month: Gary

We're debuting a new feature here this season, where we profile one of our supporters every month.  If you're interested in being featured here or know someone who should be, contact us! And if you see the supporter of the month during a match at the Globe, be sure to say hi!

Name: Gary W.

Age: 666

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite Player: Bergkamp

Favorite Arsenal Moment: Vieira in penalty shootout to win the FA Cup when Arsenal were outplayed

How You Came to Love Arsenal: As a kid watching Arsenal and 1st Division highlights on Sundays before Monty Python would be the genesis of my Arsenal love.

Hobbies: Metal, tattoos, and Lord of the Rings

Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: When some pals and I started this group in 1999, I never would have dreamed we would become such a rich, diverse group. Chicago Gooners is one of my proudest achievements and having made so many dear friends means the world. What we ALL have accomplished is a group we should all be very proud of. I don't know what I'd do without our wonderful group.