Supporter of the Month: Lauren


Name: Lauren Lassus
Age: 30
Hometown: Temple, TX
Favorite Arsenal Moment: The 2014 FA Cup final.
How I Came to Love Arsenal: My older brother got me hooked when we were kids.
Hobbies: Archery, collecting comics, food/drink
Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: Knowing there are always wonderful people getting together to watch the greatest football club play drink no matter how early the game is (and no one judges when drinking that early either.)!

Supporter of the Month: Scott


Name: Scott K.
Age: 45
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Favorite Arsenal Moment: Welbeck against Leicester. A moment that no other sport can deliver. One ball to either keep title hopes alive or watch them slip away. Exhibit A for the fleeting glory of the beautiful game. 
How I came to love Arsenal:  After a friend introduced me to mornings at the Globe Pub in 2008, I quickly developed an affinity for the Premiership game. However, as a sports fan, after a couple of years I found that I really needed to care who wins in order to get the full experience. So I cast about for a couple of years, rooting for teams that had Americans - as good a reason as any, right? But it was the lovable band of misfits called the Chicago Gooners that finally pulled me in. Now... Arsenal 'til I die.
Top 3 Hobbies:  Reading/writing, politics & sport.
Favorite Thing About The Chicago Gooners: Our diversity. Whatever your walk of life, you're at home here. The Arsenal binds us together, but beyond that... be yourself. That's a rare and special thing, and I'm proud to be part of a group that truly lives so inclusively. What the Chicago Gooners mean to each other transcends sport.

Supporter of the Month: Paul


Name Paul Z.
Age: 51
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Favorite Player: This seems to change annually.  For now, it's Aaron Ramsey.
Favorite Arsenal Moment: 2015 FA Cup Final, Arsenal 4 - Villa 0
How You Came to Love Arsenal: I started out watching the Premier League by hating Chelsea (because you should hate Chelsea). But I had to find my own team. When I saw Jack Wilshere's goal against Norwich in 2013, I knew that Arsenal was the team for me. When Arsenal are on their game, they're wonderful to behold.
Top 3 Hobbies: Baseball, concerts, working out.
Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: The Globe Pub. It's the best bar in Chicago.

Supporter of the Month: Dylan

image1 (1).PNG

Name: Dylan VB
Age: 45
Hometown: Lewisham, London, innit guv?!
Favorite Player: Ian Wright
Favorite Arsenal Moment: May 26th, 1989 at Anfield
How You Came to Love Arsenal: It's in my blood!  My family have supported Arsenal since they were in Woolwich which is just down the road from Lewisham!
Top 3 Hobbies: Perving.  Arsenal.  Comics.
Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: The love!

Supporter of the Month: Gary

We're debuting a new feature here this season, where we profile one of our supporters every month.  If you're interested in being featured here or know someone who should be, contact us! And if you see the supporter of the month during a match at the Globe, be sure to say hi!

Name: Gary W.

Age: 666

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite Player: Bergkamp

Favorite Arsenal Moment: Vieira in penalty shootout to win the FA Cup when Arsenal were outplayed

How You Came to Love Arsenal: As a kid watching Arsenal and 1st Division highlights on Sundays before Monty Python would be the genesis of my Arsenal love.

Hobbies: Metal, tattoos, and Lord of the Rings

Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: When some pals and I started this group in 1999, I never would have dreamed we would become such a rich, diverse group. Chicago Gooners is one of my proudest achievements and having made so many dear friends means the world. What we ALL have accomplished is a group we should all be very proud of. I don't know what I'd do without our wonderful group.



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Taking a Break

Taking a Break

There's no football right now.  So here's a chance to catch up on what you missed and get ready for the rest of the season.  Just read this!

The Classiest, Most Amazing Arsenal Preseason Ever

The Classiest, Most Amazing Arsenal Preseason Ever

You should read this.  I wrote it and, I can tell you, it's the best post out there.

I'm serious.  These aren't even the words in this post because this post only has the best words.  

Really.  It's not for losers, though.  


Greetings, Chicago Gooners!

We are starting pre-orders for our fabulous Chicago Gooner 2016/17 membership packs. This is the first time we've done anything like this, so here's the lowdown: We have three levels for you, depending on how much swag you want. Every level comes with a 16/17 membership card, which will get you 5% off at the Globe Pub on matchdays when Arsenal come out with a win! It may also enter you into special raffles - and we are currently in the process of negotiating more perks with other businesses. Keep your eyes peeled. This membership card is not available separately, but all the other items are.

The membership packs are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. So get 'em while they're hot! As of right now, we are only opening the preorder to those who are able to make it out to the Globe Pub for one of the first three matches of the season for pick-up:

  • - Arsenal v Liverpool, August 14th 10:00 am
  • - Leicester City v Arsenal, August 20th 11:30 am
  • - Watford v Arsenal, August 27th 9:00 am

If you are unable to make any of those or are from out of state and would like one shipped - or would like to order any of these items individually - shoot us a line at and we'll see if we can get you sorted once this initial preorder is over.

Here are the three types of membership packs:


Chicago Gooner logo badge pin
Chicago Gooner beer koozie
5"x5" logo sticker
2016/17 membership card and all benefits

All of the above and a Chicago Gooners scarf!


Select polos will still be available while supplies last.  You must purchase at the Globe Pub during matches.  

Ready to order? Great! Use the handy Paypal buttons above. Unable to pay via Paypal? Once again, email that handy address and we'll see if we can get you sorted.

We hope you enjoy everything we came up with this season! We're looking forward to an exciting, hopefully enjoyable season!

Current photos of the items are below.

Here are the images we have so far of everything. Many of these are mock-ups, so the final product may be slightly different:

STICKER AND PIN BADGE ($1 and $5 respectively for individual purchase): The Chicago Gooners logo will be represented on a 5" x 5" sticker - perfect for a computer or car - and also as a high-quality pin badge (photo to come).

CHICAGO GOONERS BEER KOOZIE ($5 for individual purchase): For you to jam your beer into.

2016/17 MEMBERSHIP CARD (not available for individual purchase): Get 5% off your tab whenever Arsenal win a match!

CHICAGO GOONERS SCARF: So snazzy. $20 for individual purchase.


CHICAGO GOONERS MEN'S POLO SHIRT ($35 for individual purchase, ONLY made to preorder and not available for sale at the Globe once the season starts): Embroidered design and a free option to include your first name on the polo as well!


CHICAGO GOONERS WOMEN'S POLO SHIRT ($35 for individual purchase): No first name option because of the patriarchy, sorry.



Website Relaunch

Hello world!  

We went dark there for a while.  Something about having to pay for our website?  Weird.  

Anyway, we seem to have figured it out now and we're back with a whole new site, designed and built by your own Chicago Gooners.  

Go, explore, see what you think.  Leave a comment below to tell us how you like our new home on the web, and be sure to stop by often to see our updates.  

We're getting ready to kick off the 16/17 season soon, so we hope to see you all back at the Globe Pub for match days.