Once upon a time...

There was no Premier League football.  At least, it was very difficult to see it live if you happened to be here in the US.  

Since those Dark Times, when matches were streamed from sketchy Ukrainian websites and players were rendered as pixelated red blobs, the Chicago Gooners have been providing Chicagoans and anyone passing through our fair city with a place to gather and watch the finest locally-sourced, farm-to-table, artisanal football available outside of Logan Square.  

Today, we have a permanent home at the Globe Pub, where all Arsenal matches are shown in glorious high definition on a dozen different TVs.  Well, except for preseason matches on Arsenal Player, or the occasional exhibition that we still have to find a random stream for, otherwise we can always bask in the glowing warmth of our pub TVs' warming HD glow.  

You're probably thinking, "Gosh, some of those matches are on at ridiculous times.  Do they really open the pub at 5:30AM to accommodate some drunken idiot football fans?"  Yes.  They do.  

So if you're in the mood to spend your weekends waking up even earlier than you do for work and joining a bunch of rowdy miscreants for a pint and a match, you're in the right place.  Explore our website.  Learn our ways.  Buy our merchandise.  Then you too can blend in with the throngs of singing Chicago Gooners, accepted as one of us.  

Or don't.  Fine.  Go fuck off somewhere and join the Leicester bandwagon.  It's where all the Chelsea fans have gone anyway.