Songs and Chants

At the Globe Pub, we strive to emulate the same experience you would get while watching in London, complete with grizzled old men yelling at Xhaka in English accents and the rest of us badly imitating an English accent through song.  Since singing plays a large role during our matches at the Globe, check out our list of songs and chants below so you too can feel not just like a drunken idiot, but a drunken idiot who has lots of friends.

Do you have an original Arsenal chant you'd like to add to our glorious repertoire?  Have you found a word that rhymes with Papastathopoulos?  Well, you should submit to our Gooner Chant project to see if your singing will be featured on the site at a later date!


Arsenal Songs and Chants (For Your Mobile Phone)

Our members travel the world to watch Arsenal and when we find someone who wants to know about Arsenal, it is great to have the trusty list of songs and chants to pass on so that others can follow the boys in Red and White.

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The Gooner Song Project

For 2019, the Chicago Gooners are looking to our supporters group to help us build a database of all chants, sung by us, recorded by us, to help other Gooners cheer on Laca and gang.