Once upon a time...

...it was nearly impossible to watch Arsenal matches in Chicago.  But there was a small, dedicated group who began gathering at the Globe Pub to watch semi-legal, pixelated streams before US broadcasters realized that the most popular sport in the world might have an audience on this side of the Atlantic.  This small band of miscreants grew into a larger band of miscreants, and Chicago Gooners was born.

As our numbers grew over the years, we started charity drives, developed relationships with other supporters groups in Chicago, and became an official supporters group branch of Arsenal America.  Our members have become regulars at regional Arsenal supporters events as well, from the Midwest Meetup to Gooner Gras.  

These days, we're still at the Globe Pub for every Arsenal match.  Yes.  Every match.  Whether it's an off-season friendly at 6:30AM on a Saturday, European play on a midweek afternoon, or the biggest matchups the Premier League can offer, you'll always find Chicago Gooners yelling, "Xhaka, what are you doing?!" from somewhere in the Globe.  

Last season, we spent two months at the Piggery, just down the street, while the Globe underwent a top-to-bottom renovation.  Now we're finally back in our newly-renovated home, welcoming Arsenal fans who are new to Chicago, traveling Arsenal fans from all over, and anyone who's new to the sport of football and wants to join the best supporters group of the best club in the world.