Supporter of the Month: Scott


Name: Scott K.
Age: 45
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Favorite Arsenal Moment: Welbeck against Leicester. A moment that no other sport can deliver. One ball to either keep title hopes alive or watch them slip away. Exhibit A for the fleeting glory of the beautiful game. 
How I came to love Arsenal:  After a friend introduced me to mornings at the Globe Pub in 2008, I quickly developed an affinity for the Premiership game. However, as a sports fan, after a couple of years I found that I really needed to care who wins in order to get the full experience. So I cast about for a couple of years, rooting for teams that had Americans - as good a reason as any, right? But it was the lovable band of misfits called the Chicago Gooners that finally pulled me in. Now... Arsenal 'til I die.
Top 3 Hobbies:  Reading/writing, politics & sport.
Favorite Thing About The Chicago Gooners: Our diversity. Whatever your walk of life, you're at home here. The Arsenal binds us together, but beyond that... be yourself. That's a rare and special thing, and I'm proud to be part of a group that truly lives so inclusively. What the Chicago Gooners mean to each other transcends sport.

Dili Yang