New Guy, New Globe, New Site


It's hard to argue that the recent history of Arsenal has been fun for anyone.  

The players surely haven't enjoyed finishing outside the top four for the first (and second) time in two decades any more than we have, and our European and Cup play hasn't exactly been stellar.  Still, it was definitely fun to beat Chelsea in that 2017 FA Cup final.  

Then of course, Wenger actually left at the end of last season.  So now, for the first time in Alex Iwobi's entire life, there's a new guy in charge.  

And as fans here in Chicago, we've not only dealt with the on-field changes but the in-pub changes as our beloved home the Globe closed for renovations during the final months of the '17-'18 season.  

But now, we're back.  The Globe has been updated and lost its patented stank but not its patented charm.  This Unai Emery guy seems to acknowledge that we have no defense, that that should change, and that pressing the ball when we don't have possession is a good idea (weird, I know).  We've got two new defensive mids, two Greeks, one new keeper, lots of names that are very difficult to spell.  

Sure, we lost our first two matches, but it's a new day at Arsenal and we still believe...that we can finish somewhere behind the unstoppable force of City?  Fuck it, we could still end up, like, what, third?  Is that pushing it?  What even counts as optimistic?  Beating Burnley?  Who even knows any more?  Whatever.  Pass the malört.  

In any case, to celebrate all this new-found newness, the Chicago Gooners are excited to launch this brand new version of our website!  As this season goes on, look for us to continue to make changes.  We'll have more blog posts, more match day photos, and more incriminating evidence to derail any of our future congressional campaigns.  

We're glad you're coming along with us on this wild ride of a season and we'll be sure to document it all here so that future generations will look back and know just how nuts we all were.  

Matthew Williams