Name: Cale Tennison

Age: 41

Hometown: New Orleans via Huntsville, AL (I lived equally in both but generally claim NOLA)

How I came to love The Arsenal: Since many US soccer fans (like myself) have no strong connection to England or any of its clubs, people often come up with arbitrary reasons to follow a club like where it’s located, or its colors, or because they might as well follow United because that’s the only club they know (these people are probably also Yankees fans that live in Arkansas). I found myself attracted to Arsenal because of the traditions of the club, the fact that at the time they had a collective ownership without a majority owner which I saw as a reflection of the Victoria Concordia Crescit motto, and most importantly because of the exciting style of play. And also because the NOLA Gooners—not yet Krewe of Arsenal—were the most fun; if I’m gonna spend two hours a weekend watching a sport, it might as well be exciting and fun.

Favorite Arsenal Moment: Though there are so many moments (Barcelona 2011, the FA Cup Finals, the 5-2 NLD, my first visit to the Emirates), the 5-3 win over Chelsea in 2011 remains the moment I recall the most fondly. It had all the trappings of a classic Arsenal match—goals galore, questionable defending, and the bonus of John Terry falling over. It was in the dog pile at the pub when the 5th goal went in to seal the victory that I knew this was my club for life.

Top hobbies: Running, cooking, and the search for the best beer in Chicago—or anywhere, for that matter.

Favorite Thing About Chicago Gooners: Dili. :) Also, the hospitality we give all who come to watch a match at the Globe. The word-of-mouth has made us famous the world over, even after they’ve shot the Malört.